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Four-Links – Barkas, Amsterdam, magazines, Halifax

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During the Cold War, East Germany’s counterpart to the Volkswagen Type 2 was the Barkas, and one Berlin blogger recently fell in love with the little two-stroke van enough to pen this short history of it. (via)

* As we’ve seen in some of our carspotting photos of Amsterdam, it wasn’t always a bicycle-friendly place. A few years ago, The Guardian took some time to explain how the city reinvented itself to rely less on the automobile for regular transportation.

* Curious what was on the cover of many popular car mags the month you were born? Maybe start with this database. (via)

* More than 50 years ago, Volvo opened its first North American production facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Consumer Guide this week gave a brief rundown on that plant’s history.

* Finally, this week we got a look at the trailer for The Last Race, a documentary about the waning days of racing on Long Island.