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International muscle: how it’s done in Bangkok

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Look, we’ve been saying for years now that the world is an amazing place, if for no other reason than it has seemed to embrace classic American cars in ways we statesiders could’ve never imagined. There are very few other strains of popular culture that transcend political borders quite like the lifestyle that sprung up around collecting and preserving vintage Detroit steel.

Sure, Cuba — but what about Bangkok? What a guy like Thammasak Ammapai is capable of, seemingly without even a real roof over his shop under a bridge in Thailand, should at least guilt us all into finishing our projects this winter.

We once walked through a chrome shop in Mexico that specialized in recreating vintage trim parts by making sand casts in a creek bank down the hill from it. No parts catalog, no internet connection, but also no preconceived notions as to what it takes to do a car. Ammapai probably casts his own Weiand 6-71 blower cases…