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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1923 Ford Model T

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Rajo-headed 1923 Ford Model T for sale on From the seller’s description:

A dual cockpit with mahogany framing and mahogany veneer panels make up the rear two thirds of this vehicle. The boat tail design mimics the era’s attempt at aerodynamics, as well as the front ”V” screen. Engine cover is lizard skinned pattern vinyl covering metal and is attached with sprung belting. Stock 21” welded wire wheels are powder coated in Burgundy and add a nice contrast to the Mahogany and black body. A wrapped in sisal 3” exhaust pipe extends the length of the car and prevents burns when entering and exiting the car. Stock Ford brake lights are seen and include the iconic ”STOP” beveled into the top of the taillight. A stock Model T frame with rear section raised 5” over rear axle to create a 5” drop, and front re-forged with a 3” drop…note Ford logo distorted in photo!

The correct for the period 4 pedal setup, dual racing seat pans, and a floor shifter make up the cockpit. An ammeter, and spark timing levers on steering column have been disabled and now serve as something for kids to play with when they are sitting in the car. This is also true for a brass hand pump to nowhere on the driver’s side, put there again for entertainment and totally nonfunctional. A rear jump seat is covered by lizard skin and is topped with a lizard skin pattern tonneau skin pattern snap on cover. A flip up ”Fat man” wood steering wheel is attached which makes the getting in process simpler?

A 177ci 4-cylinder stock block and crankshaft has a Rajo overhead valve conversion, and a Bosch standard point style distributor, a Rajo integrated exhaust and intake manifold, enlarged zenith carburetor, lightened flywheel, magneto delete, an enlarged oil splash feed, high volume water pump, and a stock T radiator complete the racing engine. Planetary gear drive, 2 speed forward and reverse, fitted with Kevlar band linings and a Turbo Hydramatic 400 direct drive clutch pack make up the transmission. A stock transmission brake with Rocky Mountain rear axle compression band linings surrounding the brake drum which are mechanically actuated.

With the above modifications horsepower has more than doubled to 55, and a top speed of 75MPH (although the consigner has said that anything over 60MPH you spend more time in the air than on the ground). Everything on this vehicle is period correct, acquiescing to speed, personifying early racing. Also throw the do not touch signs out, as it was built to be interacted with!

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Morgantown, Pennsylvania
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No Longer Available

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