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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 Chevrolet K10 stepside

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V-8 swapped 1980 Chevrolet K10 stepside for sale on From the seller’s description:

I’ve had this truck a couple years. Solid and tight. This was originally a six-cylinder rig ordered for the county, in yellow. It had one repaint at some point. It still looks good but has a couple small rust spots and usual wear. You can see the original paint in some of the pics. It needs: 1 cab corner. The other cab corner has a nickel sized bubble so I think it can be patched easily. Both front fenders need corner patches. I small patch on the passenger skin is needed. The bed, rear fenders, tailgate, header, hood, firewall, floors, floor supports, cab mounts, cowl, etc. etc. are clean. No rust. It’s a good one for a restoration or drive it. No dents. Minimal filler and those spots have already shown themselves at the rust spots. I checked the rest of the truck with an electronic paint thickness meter. Interior is decent. Usable for sure. Seat base is ripped on drivers side. No radio. The six cylinder was taken out and a 350 2-barrel put in it at some point. It runs nice. Quiet, no smoke, no ticks, no knocks. No blowby. Runs cool. Has dual exhaust. Sounds good. It needs the carb rebuilt I think. It won’t idle without the choke on a little. I don’t think it’s a fuel supply problem. I was going to toss the 2-barrel anyways so I didn’t really care. I will try to adjust it a bit more. These carbs are easy to rebuild if you want to keep it on there. 4-speed manual works perfect, as does the clutch. Gauges all work. No radio but the dash isn’t cut. Heater, wiper, lights. parking brake work. Needs shocks. This has the factory HD rear suspension. Everything from the transmission back looks original. The wheels are era correct, but not original to the truck. Tires are not good but have a few summer miles maybe. It had new 235/75r15’s on it when I bought it and it drove perfect. The tires looked too small so I sold them. I haven’t driven it on the highway with the 31″ tires that are on it now. Wheels need buffed out a bit more. Pics tell the story. I’d put tires and shocks on it, 4-barrel, and drive it. Seat cover was new but sun ruined it. Dash is good. Not cut up. All gauges work. Comfortable and I can tell the truck wasn’t run hard.

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EUREKA, Montana
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