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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Volvo P1800

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TLC-required 1964 Volvo P1800 for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is a running & driving California car; but needs ‘love’ in the body areas.

Originally factory paint code # 46 red w/black interior P-1800 ‘S’ Coupe model Swedish built unit with it’s ‘original’ front and rear bumpers & correct ‘original’ to this car’s front grille. The car has obviously been repainted since new once.

‘Early’ P-1800 (S) ‘coupe’ California 3 #/3 Letter blue & yellow ‘both’ front & rear license plate’s car from 1969 at least (that’s when the Blue & yellow plates started here in California).

Before that the car must have been near the western sea; due to lower only (as seen here in the recent pic’s ‘original’ never repaired before lower body ‘dry’ type California ‘not’ back east wet & soggy type (rust issues).

Yes believe it or not. This ‘exact’ car is starting and running and driving and currently legally CA titled and registered and insured motorcar.

(I can get the B-1800 engine # if you require that).

Information data as best as I can describe (see below)

-Yes the car is titled & registered legally on the CA title as a 1964 car; sold in 1964.

-Yes the original LHS mounted brake booster is missing.

-Yes the correct pre 69 B-18 style SU dual carbs are missing.

-Yes the gearbox is a 4-speed (with electric OVD) shifting and working.

-Yes the cars appears to be a very early’ Swedish built unit.

-Yes original RHS horizontal bulk head factory ID*85_ _* stamping is there and never altered.

Note: Sensitive data of ID# and ID plates will be graciously revealed only to serious, proven, verified real buyers of these type of cool cars.

-Yes the ‘original’ to the cars ID # and body and specifications alloy tag is there on the LHS and with the smaller tag on the top (as it should be and has never been removed since 1964).

-Yes the correct ‘S’ for Sweden badge is there on the RH side of the rear body.

-Yes the LH side of the cars ‘original’ not replaced underside bonnet/hood brace/has been cut out; but the exact same piece is there in the trunk to weld back on anytime.

-Yes the front grille is the ‘later’ Swedish style ‘non’ egg crate type grille (and it appears to the original one to this car) because the car has never been in a front area hit or mishap.

-Yes the bottoms of the L & R ‘A’ Posts are eaten away and leading into the rocker especially on the RHS.

-Yes the original light grey factory jack is there in place in the boot.

-Yes the long jack rod that mounts to the vertical back wall and the two holding clips are ‘missing.

-Yes the ‘spare wheel’ is missing.

-No there does not appear to be a lot or any or much if any rust in the horizontal boot/trunk floor.

-No the car has not been hit in the nose of L & R sides of the front of the car (both front L & R fenders appear to be ‘it’s ‘original’ ones and they appear to be 99% ‘original’ to the car).

-Yes a ‘recently’ upholstered in Black vinyl to match the front for this car’s rear bench ‘seat’ comes with the sale.

-Yes an original set of keys that fits the ignition and doors and trunk comes with this sale.

-Yes the ‘original’ Black rolled design large rubber trunk mat is there

-Yes the ‘original’ rear trunk black side cardboard is there.

-Yes the spare wheel Black vinyl cover is there. (it must have been re-done when the interior front & rear seats were done).

Re: Electricals and gauges and etc., etc.

‘Yes’ All or most of any important ones; gauges and wipers and all the lights, horn etc., are working.

Note: Before any huge amount of hands on at the car questions are answered (I will require a real buyer to stand up) and make themselves known and then ask for definitive and professional information based on sensible questions and then I will follow up on the exact and truthful answers regarding this same early motorcar.

-Yes. Please (if seriously interested) make me a list of any questions or ‘further’ photo’s or any information are required to help decide on what this rare ‘early ‘example P-1800 car may possibly be worth to export.

-Yes I can deliver the car to the nearest Shipping Company in my area in Northern California to Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area of California)

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San Jose, California
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