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What’re the odds? Reader tracks down a vintage bus based on a carspotting photo

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Tally up all of the vehicles in all of the photos in all of the carspotting posts we’ve run (more than 1,500 now!), and you’re talking tens, probably hundreds, of thousands of cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. And given standard attrition rates, maybe a few hundred of those vehicles exist today. We’ve had a few incidents in the past in which readers were fairly certain they recognized a car in a carspotting photo, but to the best of our recollections, this is one of the few times we have hard proof that a carspotting vehicle still exists today.

That proof came from the recent 1965 photo of Detroit’s Lodge Expressway, in which reader tbone zeroed in on the Greyhound in the far right lane:

Bus nerd alert! I saved the photo and enlarged it. If the fleet number on the Scenicruiser reads 4406 (like I think it does), the coach survives today! I have two Scenics, and keep track of survivors by fleet number, serial number, owner, and location. This one happens to be owned by a buddy of mine in Iowa (he has two as well). Finding a “revenue service” photo of your particular coach is heaven for guys like us! He will love this photo. Sometimes, you get really lucky and find two or three old “revenue” photos years later. We already have one for s/n 303 when it belonged to Glendale High School (CA) in the 1970s. Thanks Daniel!

Serial number: PD4501-303
Ownership history:
Richmond Greyhound Lines R-2178
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4406
Glendale High School (CA) 1975
Gilbert – Pheonix, AZ 1986
Jeff Wiley – Marion, IA 2009
Jeff also owns PD4501-059

Too cool! We’ve asked tbone to see if he can get us a photo of Jeff’s bus as it appears today, and we will post it here once he does.