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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1920 Chevrolet

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Stoughton-bodied 1920 Chevrolet 14-passenger bus for sale on From the seller’s description:

This vehicle mostly likely saw service in Pennsylvania ferrying passengers to and from the Ford Tri-motor.

Condition: This is a rare restored bus with attention to detail. The paint is strong and interior is in excellent shape. The wood and metal body is well fitted and in incredible shape for its age. All the appointments are well-detailed and clear. This is an operational vehicle that was used for special events but had its fuel removed to display it in the museum in recent years. The engine is a crank start type and turns over freely. It has some interesting features found on engines of this vintage. Each cylinder has a primer cup for starting. The fan is driven by a leather belt. The magneto has an impulse starter to aid in the production of a hotter spark during the hand cranking process. This is an unusual vehicle to find in this condition.

Very rare, and has been preserved to the highest standards

Location Marker
Wrentham, Massachusetts
Magnifying Glass

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