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Muscle machines, pickups proportioned elephantine, shrink to the size of a lima bean!

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Photochop by Robert Sanderson.

What exactly do Detroit’s automakers need to do to regain their big behemoth-sized dominance in the auto industry? Not tariffs, according to BARRY, who commented on this week’s Gale Halderman story with his own plan:

All the U.S. auto industry has to do to recover domination of the world’s automobile business is to bring back the look of it’s winners from the ’50s-’70s cars and pickups with all the modern technology and a downsize to a modern proportions.

Retro cars—or, at least, retro elements and nameplates—have been en vogue for quite some time now, and it seemed to work for Chrysler and Dodge, so maybe BARRY is on to something. The “downsizing to modern proportions” part, however, may be misguided. I mean, look at this photo of my Wagoneer—if it were a boy in the Fifties, its parents would call it “husky”—in the Home Depot parking lot next to a newer Ram pickup.

Photo by the author.

Maybe the automakers should be downsizing modern cars to classic-car proportions instead. Photochoppers have taken to shrinking modern cars over the last several years to comedic effect, but I know there’s plenty of artistically minded folks in our audience who’d be able to take a whack at dreaming up something along the lines of what BARRY suggested.

So if you’re handy with a Wacom, show us how you’d mix modern and classic proportions. If you’re not, describe in the comments below how the automakers should approach retro.