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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1982 AMC Concord

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Refurbished 1982 AMC Concord for sale on From the seller’s description:

It’s not a Chevy or a Ford ! Why not think about having fun with something different, start a lot of conversations at car shows and cruise-ins, and spend a lot less than those other folks have sunk into their look-alike vehicles ? How about a 38,350 mile, 1982 AMC Concord DL sedan? Unrestored, still in it’s factory paint and vinyl top , and factory interior. All in terrific condition. The paint is so nice many think it’s been repainted.

I may sound bold by saying what I just did, but we’ve been at many shows and meets where we see people walk past lots of other cars and trucks just to come and ask about the AMC. Soon, it seems like there’s 6 or 8 or 10 people milling around the car, asking if they can sit in it, hear it run, etc. This car has made many new friends for us !

I’ve been involved in the old car / truck hobby for a long time , and I enjoy finding special low mileage vehicles and bringing them up to date so people can enjoy driving a classic car at an affordable cost. Even when vehicles are stored in collectors facilities, Mother Nature still tries to reclaim them. By that I mean things like seals dry out and leak, rubber gaskets dry and crack, grease hardens, and room humidity rusts all sorts of parts. These are machines, and need regular maintenance to be ready for the road. As a hobby , I buy them, refurbish them, and sell them to people who want to have simple fun ! I like to see the older vehicles back on the road again.

Ok – This ’82 AMC was supposed to be my own keeper, so I went overboard on the parts I replaced and the work done. But, after a back injury, I now find that entry and exit from any 2 or 4 door sedan is rather painful, so I’ve decided to sell the car. Guess I’m doomed to SUV’s or trucks !

Here’s the list of the major parts replaced : Steering– upper & lower ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm. Ignition– coil, plug wires, plugs, ignition module, alternator , battery. Brakes– complete new front disk parts – rotors, calipers, pads, hoses ; rear brakes – new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, drums. Engine Tune Up– all belts , hoses, water pump, fuel pump, and thermostat, spark plugs and plug wires. Radiator– new Heavy Duty radiator installed, fan shroud with dual electric fans. Heater– Removed unit, cleaned and replaced all air door seals inside. Installed new heater core and heater blower motor. Air Conditioning–Installed an underdash Cold Master unit with Sanden compressor – pumps out 40 degree air with no problem. Carburetor– Motorcraft updated conversion with electric choke. Transmission– the Chrysler 3 speed automatic transmission was removed and rebuilt. This was due strictly to age and sitting unused for so long, It shifts like a new car ! It’s a real pleasure to drive on the hiway. New universal joints were also installed at this time.

The car is not perfect, because it’s not been rebuilt or restored. It has a few dings, and tiny rock chips that have been touched up. But it’s about the best 36 year old original paint and vinyl top I’ve seen in a long time. All the glass is good. It had a new exhaust system when I bought it as well as new shock absorbers and tires. The tires are Hankook Radial Optimo , size P195 75 R14. All are in very good condition with an estimated 65 to 70 percent tread remaining. The car has the famous 258 cu. in. six cylinder engine, auto trans as mentioned before, AM / FM push button radio ( works ) , quartz clock ( works ), rear window defrost, inside adjust rear view door mirror, and individual front seats with adjustable backrests. It’s a nimble, easy to drive car with good gas mileage as a bonus. It has power steering and power brakes. The steering is light and easy, and the brakes are very powerful.

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BRASHEAR, Missouri
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