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Four-Links – abandoned Ford, resto for stolen Avanti, Renault’s tank, Eddie Putera

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Photo by englemk.

Typically after a devastating storm, we’ll see stories about collector cars lost due to a garage collapse. In the case of a 1949 Ford in Richmond, Virginia, however, the recent storms that blew through there brought the car out into the open again. (via)

* Also, ironically, having his 1964 Studebaker Avanti stolen from his front yard may have been the best thing to happen to Andrew Hubchen: It’ll now be restored by a high school shop class.

* The BBC this week commemorated 100 years of the first modern tank, the Renualt FT, which was instrumental in winning World War I. (h/t to Joe Essid)

* Eddie Putera has a gift for dioramas and he’s using it to help others re-create scenes that only exist in their memories. (via)

* Finally, the AACA Library seems to be putting their fancy scanning equipment to good use with this (color!) digitization of a home movie of the first meet of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America in September 1939.