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Four-Links – Ballot built, joystick Saab, Seventies staples, students restore cop car

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It’s a good bet that the 1921 Ballot straight-eight that John Ballard Engineering recently assembled for a customer may be the last time anybody will take on such a project. Fortunately, Ballard documented the entire process.

* The joystick-controlled Saab 9000 that Gary Axon wrote about this week for Goodwood may not be the most pertinent part of his article discussing the European Prometheus program, but it’s certainly the most photographic.

* A number of attributes defined the cars of the Seventies, perhaps none moreso than the accessories and options, which Craig Fitzgerald ran down over at BestRide. (h/t to Joe Essid)

* Paul Bellefeuille pointed out this article about the students of Greater Lawrence Technical School’s auto body and collision program, who restored a Seventies Dodge Polara for the Methuen (Massachusetts) Police Department.

* Finally, Mac’s Motor City Garage recently shared this Chevrolet film detailing the 1957 Corvette SS.