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New toolbox toys from Gear Wrench eliminate stacking multiple ratchet extensions

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Gear Wrench, a subsidiary of the Apex Tool Group located in Sparks, Maryland, produces a lot more hand tools than their patented ratcheting wrenches. Recently released new items include chrome molybdenum alloy steel impact and ratchet extensions in various lengths up to 33 inches. Available in both 3/8- and 1/2-inch drive, these extensions have high visibility laser-etched markings and are machined to accept the pin and O-ring securing system found on most impact guns as well as the pin securing system found on common ratchets. Both 3/8- and 1/2-inch units are available in 18 and 24 inches, while the longest 1/2-inch is a whopping 31 inches in effective length, thus eliminating the common practice of stacking various extensions (and causing weak points at those points) to achieve the length needed to perform the job. The longest 3/8-inch drive extension is even longer at 33 inches. You may not think you would ever need that long of an extension to work on a car, but they come in handy when you are lying on your back underneath the car and working by yourself.

Gear wrench part numbers for 1/2-inch impact extensions:

  • 18-inch: p/n 84651N for $35-$45
  • 24-inch: p/n 84652N for $41-$48
  • 31-inch: p/n 84653N for $49-$59

Gear Wrench part numbers for 3/8-inch impact extensions:

  • 18-inch: p/n 84436N for $26-$32
  • 24-inch: p/n 84437N for $32-$42
  • 33-inch: p/n 84438N for $35-$45

Gear Wrench brand tools are available for purchase through most major retailers, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores including most major auto-parts store chains. Log on to to find an authorized dealer near you or call 800-688-8949 to check out the many other new tools Gear Wrench is now producing.