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Four-Links – underwater Pinto, bookmobiles, off-road RV, classic car code

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We’re only linking to this Detroit Free Press article about a Pinto at the bottom of Lake Michigan for the “mussel car” pun.

* Anybody interested about the general history of bookmobiles after reading about the AACA’s would do well to start with this overview at Chronicle Books.

* Bill Stroppe once drove a modified Ford four-wheel-drive motorhome on the Baja 1000. And finished the race in one piece, according to this post on Off-Road Action.

* After getting his car out for the first time this year, Marty at One Man and His Mustang proposed a Classic Car Code for non-classic car owners.

* Finally, Mac’s Motor City Garage uncovered this video that briefly tours GM’s Milford Proving Grounds and highlights the facility’s history and reasons for being.