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Hemmings Flashback: What happened to “Old Faithful?”

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Old Faithful, a 1924 Ford Model T touring car from Georgia, was featured in the December 1959 issue of Hemmings Motor News. What happened to her?

While reviewing prices for brass cars for the next issue of Hemmings Motor News, we decided to dip into the archives to see how things had changed since the 1950s. In the process, we came across an early car feature that caught our attention. Written by the owner, Jesse Harold James, of Clarkesville, Georgia, the article describes how Mr. James acquired his 1924 Ford Model T touring car from its original owner back in the 1920s.

The interestingly accessorized T (note the extra lamps, bumper, and lighter-colored top), he declared, was “Here to Stay.” We anticipate that he kept the car until his death, and we were curious as to what became of it. A bit of research led us to the Northeast Georgia Antique Auto Region, a club Mr. James helped found in the 1980s, and they tried to put us in touch with Mr. James’s daughter, but we’re still waiting to hear back from her.

So, does anyone remember Mr. James and Old Faithful? We sure would like to know what became of them.