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Four-Links – Euro V-8s, rebuilding Ford V-8s, flathead V-8 evolution, Toyota V-8 in a Datsun

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If, when thinking about V-8s, your mind turns to rumbly American machines, John Simister over on Goodwood’s blog would like you to consider the many V-8s built by British, French, German, Italian, and even Czech carmakers.

David Greenlees at The Old Motor came across a number of photos, which he spread over multiple posts, showing the operations inside a Ford engine rebuilder in the immediate postwar era. Looks like there was still plenty of demand for engines to keep the old jalopy running even with the postwar sellers market.

While we’re on the topic of Ford’s flathead V-8, Fred Mills compiled a 20-page history on the flathead’s evolution for the Golden Gate chapter of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. (via)

Of course, what’s a Four-Links focused on V-8s without a V-8 swap? In this case, it’s an older but still ongoing project to swap a Toyota 1UZ into a Datsun pickup with plenty of 3-D printing and custom fabrication work along the way (via).

Finally, Goodwood has this video of a Hispano V-8-powered Amilcar. (via)