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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1937 Hupmobile

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Original unrestored 1937 Hupmobile for sale on From the seller’s description:

completely original, 17,000 mile, rust-free art deco masterpiece. This 1937 Hupmobile Aerodynamic Rumble Seat Model G Coupe is just one of two in existence and is virtually untouched from the day it left the Detroit factory.

Operationally it starts, runs and drives like its brand new. And everything works! Including the gas gauge and the dome light. Even the accessory Trico steering column fan works. The engine compartment is grease and oil free with no leaks of any sort, yet has never been detailed. It does have a new set of spark plugs with original Bakelite spark plug wire caps, and a newly rebuilt factory Carter W-1 carburetor. It runs like a top! It travels very comfortably at 65 mph and never over heats, ever! The head lights are very bright. The reason being that like everything else on this car, the silver-plated headlight mirrors inside are NOS along with the headlight ring retainer and cork gasket. This vehicle is truly a time capsule.

I drive this car 2-3 times a week when the weather permits, and it has never failed to start, immediately. The solid steel artillery wheels offer a driving experience that is like none other, awesome. All of the glass is original. The undercarriage has never been detailed and is clean as it can be, with no signs of excess grease buildup or dirt. As I mentioned before, there is no rust anywhere. The car comes with the original accessory fender skirts. You’ll notice that the rumble seat has no exterior handle. That’s because inside the car, beneath the rear window is a panel that pulls down where you find a spring loaded lever that pops open the rumble seat lid. Careful, like I said, it’s spring loaded. Really cool feature.

Upholstery up front and in the rumble seat is original without a single rip, tear or stain. Even the factory headliner is perfect. The Mohair beige carpet is stain-free as well and yes the factory under the dash heater works great as well. The dash has the radio dials and tuning knobs, but there never was any radio. It was an option in the day, and all cars were fitted with the control knobs for the dealer in case the radio was ordered later.

Looking to take first place at that fancy Concours event in the Preservation Class, well here you go! In case you’re wondering, yes that is the factory original hood ornament/mascot of a space ship. It’s probably the most talked about thing on the car, considering in 1937 space ships were only talked about in comic books. But his car is no fantasy, it’s the real deal.

Even the original molded rubber mat behind the seat is in perfect condition, along with the factory vulcanized running board covers. An NOS copy of the owner’s manual accompanies the purchase. Both sun visors sport their original add-on accessories of a drop down tinted sun screen on the driver’s side, and a printed vanity mirror on the passenger side. Very neat and functional.

The car’s owner was Maple McElvain of Spokane, Washington. I have a copy of the newspaper article she was featured in standing next the Hupmobile in front of her house. The article explains how this 94 year woman performed her own oil changes and never drove in the rain. This would certainly give reason why the car is so clean on the underside and why there are only 17,000 miles on the odometer.

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