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Four-Links – Vega wagon, Russian car museum, mobile homes, immobile homes

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Initially, the Vega was to be released only as a notchback and as a fastback, no wagon. But thanks to one designer’s after-hours work and a fortuitous visit from Ed Cole, the wagon got added to the lineup. Dean’s Garage has the story of how the Vega wagon came to be.

* This is a few years old now, but in case you missed it, Wired stopped by the 300-car museum/collection of Soviet cars compiled by Mikhail Krasinets.

* This week, the National Trust for Historic Preservation asked whether mobile homes, that form of housing made possible by the rise of the automobile, should be considered historic resources.

* And, while following threads on that NTHP article, we came across a deeper dive into mobile home history, which included some discussion of stacked mobile homes.

* Finally, Mac’s Motor City Garage this week dug up a video of the very first Can-Am race, which took place in September 1966 at St. Jovite, Quebec.