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Recommended Reading — Famous Car Factories: Morgan

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For automotive enthusiasts, nothing could be more fascinating than to see cars being built. From piles of raw materials sitting on a factory floor to the fully assembled automobile rolling off the assembly line under its own power, it’s a mesmerizing journey of industrial engineering that captivates us all.

For more than a century, Morgan has been building sports cars by hand, and continues to do so today in the very same olde-world tradition of hand craftsmanship. They’ve been building their signature sports cars in the same factory in Malvern Link, England, as they did back in the 1940s, using many of the same tools and equipment that the craftsman before them used back in the day. If ever there was a window into the past on how cars used to be built, the Morgan factory is it.

You don’t have to visit England to see the craftsman at Morgan perform their work, although you certainly can as factory tours are still given, however, Famous Car Factories: Morgan, by Bengt Ason Holm, will take you right onto the shop floor while remaining in the comfort of your warm living room. It did so for me, and I enjoyed the “journey” immensely.

This hardcover book totals 124 pages, and it’s filled with full-color photographs detailing the entire construction process of a Morgan. Although the text is light, there’s enough to inform you of the entire assembly process, with additional information being given via in-depth captions on each photograph.

And quite an inspiring journey it is. Seeing tables full of well-worn tools and boxes of fasteners and components is all very enthralling, as are the photos of the many craftsmen with their shop aprons on pounding aluminum into fenders, cutting ash wood for body frames, and sewing leather hides into upholstery. It’s truly an inspiration read. I bought my copy at Hershey about 10 years ago for a mere $5, but now used copies in good condition are selling for $25, or more. Enjoy!