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Four-Links – Dante Giacosa, LOC dealerships, Johnson-Oldfield, night paintings

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Issigonis’s Mini certainly contributed to the development of front-wheel drive, but the true father of today’s transverse-engine front-wheel-drive layout, as Neil Briscoe at Influx argues, is Dante Giacosa, who pioneered the separate-from-the-engine transaxle in front-wheel-drive applications, along with many other innovations.

* FYI, the Library of Congress for some reason has a bunch of John Margolies photos of dealerships in the Seventies.

* John Paul’s account of the Jack Johnson-Barney Oldfield race for the Historic Vehicle Association includes a good amount of context, including the assertion that Oldfield agreed to the race not as a matter of inclusivity, rather to defend his fragile ego and to uphold the status quo.

* Many of artist Peter Harris’s photorealistic paintings of night scenes seem to tell a story about the lone vehicles left to overnight in parking lots. (via)

* The MacPherson College Shed Finds video series recently turned its spotlight on senior Sam Harris’s Toyota Land Cruiser, which features “adventure tinting.”