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Four-Links — England v. Australia, Corvette XP-85, Tierney Signs, open speed limits

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What is the scoring system the Telegraph used in its England versus Australia decade-by-decade car comparisons from a few years ago? And how exactly did they choose the cars to represent the decades?

* Journalist Peter Robinson believes that the XP-85, a GM experimental project intended to create a sub-Corvette sports car, could have been designed around a Holden six-cylinder engine.

* Kustom Kulture Australia recently shared a bunch of photos from the multi-generation family behind Tierney Signs, established in 1924 in Sydney.

* As Wheels pointed out, until about a decade ago, Australia had the distinction of being the only country in the world with open speed limits on undivided highways. A brief history of the open speed limit policy shows why the country instituted and later rescinded it.

* Americans aren’t the only ones who have “love affairs with their cars.” This 1999 episode of “Our Century” details the Australian love affair with Holdens, Fords, and the like.