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Four-Links – El Gallo, Palm Springs Avantis, Zip Auto Service, Al Bell’s Flying A

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Retired racer Tommy Kendall doesn’t know much about who painted a 1973 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight yellow and added a rooster head and tail to it, but he’s not complaining, as this Wall Street Journal story on Kendall and his Olds shows. (via)

* In Palm Springs, California, where Raymond Loewy and his team set up shop to design the Studebaker Avanti, that car remains a favorite of the modernism-obsessed locals. Palm Springs Life makes the case for why the car and the location make a perfect match. (via)

* What old garages remain standing these days typically get repurposed into hipster cantinas and restaurants. Not Zip Auto in Missoula, which was restored for continued use as a garage, one that partially caters to vintage vehicles.

* Al Bell’s Flying A was just one of the many many service stations along Route 66, but author Bob Boze Bell’s family for some reason decided to capture a few photos of the station, and he recently rediscovered the decades-old photos.

* Australian racing is pretty mental. Rally racing is always mental. Combine the two? You get “Forty Split Seconds,” about 15 minutes of period racing coverage. (via)