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Ferrari announces Classiche Authorized Workshops in select global markets

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Photos courtesy Ferrari.

Excluding a range of sought-after collectible models, older Ferraris can prove challenging to sell if maintenance is not religiously documented over the life of the car. To help with this, Ferrari has initiated a new Classiche Authorized Workshops program, which establishes 48 “Officinas” (workshops) worldwide to ensure proper service of Ferrari’s road-going automobiles 20 years or older.

Carefully vetted by Ferrari, each Officina benefits from the direct support of the automaker’s Classiche department in Maranello, giving it access to a wealth of knowledge and documentation. In exchange, the Officinas must each maintain a dedicated Ferrari Classiche specialist technician, responsible solely for the upkeep and repair of classic Ferraris. Officinas are also empowered to begin the Classiche certification process for road vehicles, which ultimately provides owners with Ferrari-issued documentation of a car’s authenticity, opening the door to Ferrari-sponsored events worldwide.

The coveted Ferrari Classiche badge and documentation. Achieving this requires research, a detailed inspection, and review by a committee in Maranello.

Dealers in 20 countries have been chosen for the Classiche Authorized Workshop program, with the United States receiving 11 Officinas. Texas tops the list with three (Ferrari of Houston, Ferrari of Austin, and Ferrari of San Antonio), followed by Illinois (Continental Autosports and Lake Forest Sportscars), California (Ferrari South Bay and Ferrari Newport Beach), Georgia (Ferrari of Atlanta), Michigan (Cauley Ferrari), Connecticut (Miller Motorcars), and Florida (Ferrari of Central Florida).

Per Ferrari’s press release on the program, there will be limits to the work each Officina can perform. Repairs requiring “reconstruction of major parts or components” will still need to be carried out in Maranello, and it isn’t entirely clear if Officinas will ultimately be empowered to perform the comprehensive inspection needed to achieve Classiche certification. Competition cars, eligible for Classiche certification regardless of age, must still be sent to Ferrari in Italy for documentation.

Ferrari intends to grow the program, adding additional Officinas in the future.