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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1951 Henry J Deluxe

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Restored 1951 Henry J Deluxe for sale on From the seller’s description:

Reaction to this 1951 Henry J Deluxe Coupe is usually curiosity and delight, given its unique appearance and styling. If Stan Lee, the iconic comic book illustrator and author were to select a model to represent in any of his comics, the Henry J is wonderful example. The Henry J’s are unquestionably cute and fun, representing a retro early 1950’s design, with its spaceship hood ornament, raked body,and subtle tail fins.

Powered by a 161cubic inch/2.8 liter L-Head “Supersonic” six cylinder engine, coupled to a three speed “on the tree” overdrive transmission, followed downstream by a live axle 4:10 ratio differential, it starts immediately with the push of a button, shifts and runs smoothly. A little bit of solid lifter noise is evident but very acceptable, and there is no smoke from the newly updated complete top of the line exhaust system with a stainless steel muffer and all new pipes from the exhaust manifold back. Its overdrive actuation is recently intermittant which I am chasing and have ordered a kickdown switch to hopefully correct. The Henry J’s transmission shift smoothly and quitely with no unusual noises and smooth synchros in second and third gear. First gear is not synchonized.

Restored in 2011, its body and sheet metal, frame, and suspension are very solid and original with the exception of custom replacement Henry J front right and left outer floor pans as well as new Henry J rocker panels just below the right and left doors only. The correct fit custom panels were installed. Dynamat rubber/foil insulation has been installed beneath the insulated carpeting. Its paint, a two stage red,base coat/clear coat is showing its age in some places with some minor chipping, however it is in nice condition overall. The chrome front and rear bumper have some very minor random pitting as does the center grill assembly.

The Henry J’s interior upholstery is in very nice condition and certainly unique with its “Dragon” (looks like alligator) trim. The complete front seat has been nicely re-upholstered recently maintaing much of its originality. Custom carpeting is in excellent condition. The rear seat assembly is original and in very nice condition, as is the headliner,and door panels. Glass is in excellent conditon with the exception of the drivers door glass which has one crack. The windows function very nicely in their channels.

Recent servicing entailed six new Champion H11 spark plugs, a brand new complete exhaust system, all oils replaced, ie engine, (10/40 Pennzoil w/ZDDP additive) transmission, and differential, new alternator belt, complete chassis lubrication, anti-freeze flush and replace(correct green), new fuel filter, and wheel bearing repack. The tires are older fifteen inch wide bias ply whitewalls which have excellent tread. For better handling and touring, replacing them with radials will provide for a better ride.

All electricals function nicely, now converted to 12 volts with an alternator. The speedometer/odometer function nicely and are very correct. All the lights work perfectly inclusive of dash lights, headlamps, and tail and turn signal lamps.

In conclusion, this is a very fun car to own and drive. It’s not a concourse restoration, but of a very nice and respectable driver quality restoration. When on the road, it certainly garners a lot of attention and “thumbs up”, and is not hard to miss in its color scheme. Very fun.

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Belchertown, Massachusetts
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