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Four-Links – the mad genius of Baja, cops in Checkers, Turbine thoughts, murderer on the racetrack

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If you plan to race in Baja’s Class 11, be prepared to meet Eric Solorzano and come away from your encounter with a tale or two, as this Playboy profile of the long-time racer illustrates.

* Do you think police officers liked using Checkers as patrol cars? The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive pulled together as many documented examples of cop-car Checkers as they could find and found a pretty common attitude toward them.

* George Phillips of the Oilpressure blog is curious whether the minor crash-and-spin that the STP Indy car was involved in at the 1967 Indianapolis 500 had anything to do with the technical issues that caused the car to leave the race early.

* A lot of race-car drivers have cultivated some sort of bad-boy image, but not many of them have much on Louis Disbrow, who stood trial for murdering the other two participants of a love triangle.

* MyMopar has a lot of Chrysler Corporation dealer training videos on YouTube, including “Engineering For Quality,” which should have won some sort of award for graphic design.