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Four-Links – road trip, round beetles, Arjay Miller, forgotten Czechs

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The Gentleman Racer this week pulled together a bunch of photos telling the story of an American road trip circa 1954 from the collection of road tripper Jack Canary.

* An Indonesian sculptor, Ichwan Noor, has been exhibiting these crumpled and balled up Beetles that don’t use Beetles at all, just a few trim pieces, apparently.

* Arjay Miller, the last of the Ford Whiz Kids, died this week. He was 101 years old.

* As pointed out by this article, the Czech Republic is one of the few countries in the world with a history of “more or less” uninterrupted auto production, a history which has produced plenty of forgotten cars. (via)

* Last week we ran a short video of a failed Lincoln Continental jump across the St. Lawrence River that raised more questions than it answered. Salsbury thankfully pointed us to the larger documentary on the jump, “The Devil at Your Heels,” which answers all those questions.