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Hemmings Find of the Day – a little bit of this, a little bit of that

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Mishmosh of Chevrolet, Ford, and fire truck parts titled as a 1936 Ford for sale on From the seller’s description:

Like any proper English bastard, there’s a paradox in the parts. While a racing heritage may be suggested by the 107-inch wheel base the frame is actually that of a 34 Chevy truck. The cowl is from that same truck only veed and narrowed. While the hood is handmade with 40 drafting louvers, the boot which is adapted from a 49 shoebox Ford, has 28 louvers of the venting type. Typical to any English car of this era, are the heavy leather gaiters on all the springs. Laced up like boots they come on and off easily, but instead of hooks and lacing on the underside, these run on top. They converse well with the screws and brass washers that secure and emblazon all the body panels.

The engine is a GM 292 straight six. It breaths through a 600 Edelbrock carb atop an Offenhauser intake manifold that sits beside an Offenhauser valve cover. The split exhaust manifold leads duals to the rear. The transmission is a T5 five speed. The rear end is an eight inch. There are friction shocks up front and conventional shocks in the rear. She sports a Walker radiator. The wire wheels are 1935 Ford backed by large Ford drums. The tires are Excelsior, Stahl Sport, 6-ply 7:50X16 radials, front and rear. There is no plastic on this vehicle. The fenders are handmade steel.

The headlamps are from a 1926 Ahrens-Fox firetruck and are fitted with brass stone guards. The center chaser light is a 1929 German mirror back, this bright, rare light extinguishes all the front running lights when on. It too has a brass stone guard. The front fender markers are from a 30’s vintage knucklehead. The taillights are 49 Ford.

The five gauges are Auto Meter and they are mounted in a machine-turned aluminum bi-level dash. The doors are steel framed with aluminum skins and they too are machined-turned. The horn is a vintage rebuilt oogha. The seats are an extremely thick leather, while the kick panels, door inserts and tonneau cover are all single or double-shoulder saddle leather. The steering wheel is a vintage foldable fatman. What looks like a decal on the doors is actually a hand painting. It depicts the Lucas lion being saddled by a skeleton, and if you look close he’s wearing spurs.

The last time I scaled this car she weighed 2,100 pounds. I’ve probably added a hundred pounds in fenders and such since then. She starts easily, electronic ignition, and runs hard.

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Omaha, Nebraska
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