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Four-Links – mini Model Ts, three miles of bricks, SR20DET Mustang II, Shenandoah Studebaker garage

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Argentine Ruben Vinyolas crafts some spectacular scale Model Ts with many functioning parts including… a running engine? Mac’s Motor City Garage has more.

* The last major renovation to a stretch of the Lincoln Highway between Omaha and Elkhorn took place in 1920, which means the road remains paved in brick to this day, warranting its placement on the National Register of Historic Places. Atlas Obscura has more on the road.

* While it would be a simple matter to place a turbocharged 2.3L Ford four-cylinder in a Mustang II, Jason Bowman took a different approach to a turbo four Mustang II with a Nissan SR20DET good for about 275 horsepower.

* In Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, a more than century-old garage and dealership is once again becoming a home to old cars as we see from this Republican-Herald account of Michael Kitsock’s restoration endeavor.

* Joe Bortz recently got around to digitizing some old films, including one of the Auburn, Indiana, Labor Day parade from 1968 (in two parts).