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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1932 Chevrolet boattail prototype

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Holden-built 1932 Chevrolet boattail prototype for sale on From the seller’s description:

This car was produced by GM for the Australian market with the boat tail wooden pattern body prepared for Holden Coachbuilders in Australia. Chevrolet made just 10 of these cars. One stills survives, and of course this prototype.

GM stole the design from their subsidiary Vauxhall in the UK from a car made called a Hurlingham Roadster. This factory design pattern was thought to have been destroyed 85 years ago. Rather, it was hung in a barn in Ohio as ‘barn art’ until my purchase. Assembling the correct components was an undertaking comprising a two year, frame-off restoration which was just completed last month. This included the engine and transmission rebuild with original Edmunds Racing dual carbs and factory intake manifold. The frame as well as every body panel was stripped down to bare metal and professionally painted using a single stage $600/gal. Urethane in a late 50’s Porsche color called Ruby Red. Stunning! Radiator was re-cored and the shell was nickel plated, as well as the headlights. The wooden section was left untouched. This car is a remarkable piece of automotive history, and until recently no one knew it existed.

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Verona, Wisconsin
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