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Four-Links – Not For Sale America, Mustang’s true origins?, Lego Batmobile, Cole

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In a capitalist country, everything is for sale, right? Jason Sales travels the country with a film camera to document the things that aren’t for sale, the things that people for one reason or another hold dear, for his project called Not For Sale America.

* Could the Mustang have originated at GM? Perhaps, as this story of Robert Cumberford and Stan Mott’s time at GM, related on Dean’s Garage, hints.

* Halloween costumes are no longer just costumes. The props and accessories are just as important, if not more so, as we see from this dad’s in-depth build of a 12:1 Lego Batmobile for his son.

* Reader and contributor Bob Palma pointed out Historic Indianapolis’s profile of the Cole Motor Car Company, the factory for which is now an Indianapolis jail.

* Did a blizzard have a role in bringing NASCAR out of the South? So goes the premise of “A Perfect Storm,” a documentary on the first national broadcast of the Daytona 500 in 1979. (via)