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Four-Links – Circuit Safari, cherry Jeep, 101 Dalmatians, Birmingham

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Nissan’s doing something interesting in Australia. Rather than running their vintage race cars past grandstands full of spectators, they’re packing the spectators onto buses and running both the buses and the vintage race cars on the track at the same time. They’re calling it “circuit safari.” (via)

* eWillys came across a couple photos of wooden off-roaders — including this cherry-bodied Jeep CJ — built by Matt Goebel of Wellington, Ohio.

* Via the Steampunk Vehicles blog, we learned this week that the animators of “101 Dalmatians” wanted to avoid actually drawing cars so much, they created models of the vehicles they needed to animate, filmed the vehicles in action, and then traced the film frames onto cels. Wonder what other films Disney animators used this technique on?

* The Ford Model T’s transverse leaf-spring suspension is a masterpiece of simplicity, but taken in a different direction — as C.E. Weaver did with the Birmingham — it could be used to provide axle-less (though not quite independent) suspension front and rear, as The Old Motor illustrated this week.


* No sound to this British Pathe video of an electrified Mini, so you electric engineers out there tell us what you see under the Mini’s hood.