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Four-Links – skoolies, Domenici, Seedling Miles, Lincoln Highway

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School-bus-into-nomadic-camper conversions are becoming more popular, partly due to stirring wanderlust, partly due to rising house prices, and partly due to the changing nature of work, or so they say. We’re just intrigued by all the things one can pack into an old school bus. MyModernMet has more on the trend.

* As Route 66 News pointed out this week, Pete Domenici, who died on Wednesday at the age of 85, was more than just the six-term Senator his obits repeated. He also helped pass several key pieces of legislation dedicated to preserving Route 66.

* Speaking of historic highways, the Lincoln Journal-Star this week looked into the history of Seedling Miles, some of the earliest paved rural roads in the country, at least a couple of which still exist.

* And speaking of the Lincoln Highway, CityLab sent a few of its reporters out to towns along the road in search of stories about the threads that continue to connect this country.

* Finally, simply because it includes footage of the Ralph Schenck streamliner, we’re posting this short clip of the land-speed races at Muroc sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s, filmed in color. (via)