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Four-Links – Mel Gould, never-was ZR-1, night owls, clown cars

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Longtime Hemmings Daily readers might recognize Mel Gould as the man behind the Purple People Eater Crosley that appeared on the cover of the December 1961 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. Decades later, Gould is still assembling contraptions out of junk, as this recent Pine Bluffs Post profile of the man illustrates.

* The fourth-gen Corvette’s ZR-1 was pretty powerful for its time, but Lotus engineers had an even more powerful version of the LT-5 DOHC V-8 in the wings when the car got canceled. Hagerty this week took a look at a one-of-none version of that never-built car that Ken Lingenfelter and the car’s original engineer assembled from leftover LT-5 parts.

* Daytime might be when most of us shoot cars, but Chris Malloy prowls the streets at night to find lonely streetlamp-lit collector cars and photograph them. (via)

* For some reason, the Historic Vehicle Association decided to torture us with a roundup of clown cars this week.

* Finally, this contemporary video that Mac’s Motor City Garage found of the Fiero goes into detail on how Pontiac engineered it and what made the Fiero different from pretty much any other car on the road at the time.