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Four-Links – Walter Rohrl on parts for classics, forums are dying, Lambretta monkey bike, Earhart’s cars

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In a recent interview with FIVA, rally legend Walter Rohrl argued for better support of classic cars from the manufacturers.

* The image above became widespread throughout car forums not long ago when Photobucket tried a huge cash grab by suddenly charging for allowing its users to post images to third-party websites. An editorial this week on Stance Is Everything points out how that event became just the latest nail in the coffin on forums after a steady migration to Facebook and Instagram. And with the death of forums, the author worries that the car hobby may suffer in the long run.

* Lambrettas aren’t exactly huge to begin with, but there’s an itty-bitty mystery Lambretta-powered scooter called the Rosella that Lambrettista is looking for more information on.

* Better known for her piloting ability, Amelia Earhart did have a string of notable automobiles that Mac’s Motor City Garage recently covered.

* The good thing about preserving old cars is that we can re-enact (technically, enact, I guess) races that never happened, such as the 1924 challenge J.G. Parry Thomas issued Rene Thomas to a four-lap bout at Brooklands. Of course, racing at Brooklands is out of the question, but pitting the two cars against each other is no problem, as Goodwood showed in a recent video.