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Four-Links – San Francisco’s fire trucks, Mini-based beach buggies, Piquette’s window restorers, world’s tallest gas pump

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San Francisco’s got an impressive collection of its former fire trucks, including one that fought the 1906 fire, but seeing them is problematic because they’re essentially couch surfing across the city, going from temporary home to temporary home, according to a recent San Francisco Examiner column. The caretakers for the collection have asked the city council for help with a permanent home, so hope for the collection’s future may still exist. (via)

* To coincide with his summer holiday, Jeroen Booij recently put together this look at some of the Mini-based beach buggies put together over the years.

* The Detroit Free Press this week took some time to feature the all-volunteer crew steadily restoring the windows of the Ford Piquette Avenue plant.

* It won’t dispense any gasoline, but the world’s largest gas pump recently went up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

* Not all of the Chrysler Turbine cars remained in North America during their public evaluation period. Chrysler sent one on a world tour, as documented by this video that King Rose Archives uploaded a few years ago and that Silodrome recently pointed to. Wonder if that Turbine is one of the cars that Chrysler later destroyed?