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Four-Links – blue chip slump, Mickey Thompson’s twin-supercharged Pontiac, park-to-park tour, reimagined rear-engine cars

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We’ve been told for some years now that the so-called blue chips – those cars on the higher end of the market – have driven the overall growth of the collector car market. Bloomberg this week, however, pointed out that 2017 has brought a slump in overall prices that some fear could lead to a more drastic downturn in the collector car market.

* Crossflow cylinder heads are typically more efficient than the alternative, so why would Mickey Thompson develop a set of heads for the Pontiac V-8 that placed intake and exhaust ports on the same side? Mac’s Motor City Garage examined the evidence and formulated some theories why.

* As the highway system was developing across the American West, so too was the network of national parks, so proponents of both set out to travel a loop of national parks in the Teens and Twenties in an attempt to develop a highway to link them. Garagistry has more on the endeavor.

* The League of Retired Automotive Designers got together this year to imagine what some of the more well-known rear-engine cars would look like as contemporary cars. Corvair revival, anyone?

* I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the photos of the Citroen 2CV that an adventurer turned into a motorcycle to escape the Moroccan desert. Great Big Story this week introduced us to that adventurer, who is has quite the 2CV obsession.