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Four-Links – the 1975 Dadamore, Smokey’s Python, Tom Gale, Jordan sport custom

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The Dadamore might never have progressed beyond the drawings of an eight-year-old boy, but it still caught the attention of AMC Canada President Bill Pickett. Old Cars Canada has the full story on how it came to his attention and the full transcript of the conversation between the two.

* Smokey Yunick’s Fiberglas Special – nicknamed the Python after an offhand comment by Rodger Ward – might not have qualified for the Indy 500, but it nevertheless displayed Yunick’s typical inventiveness, as we see from Mac’s Motor City Garage’s profile of the car.

* MotorCities this week turned its gaze to Tom Gale, one of Chrysler’s most prominent recent designers.

* Several different elements came together for Alex Jordan Jr.’s sport custom. Kustomrama has a little bit on the radical car.

* Lowriders keep showing up in the most unexpected places. Alex Rosen hitched along with a group of ’em in Paris for one of his latest videos.