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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1980 Plymouth Volare

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Glidden-ordered Pro Stock 1980 Plymouth Volare for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is the car Bob Glidden order from Don Hardy Race cars to replace his NHRA wolrd chapion Arrow in 79. After Chrysler pull out of racing they canceled thier contract with Bob forcing him to have Hardy build a Ford Fairmont instead.The car when finished was paid for in part by Chrysler with the help of the Rod Shop and the car eventually went to Jim Kinnett to run in the 1980 NHRA Pro Stock series.Kinnet raced in 1980 as a Hemi/Lenco equipted car ( the car was origionally built as a small block car for Glidden) finish 8th in points only running a few of the races. The car briefly held the speed record while Glidden held the Et record.

The car was sold to well know racer Steve Bagwell on late 81 and ran as a pro stock and in 82 as an A/FX car with Barnett power.It held the A/FX record for a while at 8.13 & 164mph. After Bawell it was ownewd by several prominent racers including Mark Cline, The Castalodo Bros and John Grey.Gene Phillips purchased from Grey in 2014 and it’s current owner aquired it in 2015

The car is mostly origional with the exception of a few saftey improvents made by Tommy Mauney and Gibbs Racecars. These improvemnts include an antioroll bar and a new Lenco slider with removeable mounting.

The drivetrain is completely new including a $60K- 600 cid Hemi Engine producing 1235 hp,a rebuilt CS-1 Lenco 4 speed transmission with Hurst lightening rod shifters and a bulletproof rear 3rd member from Strange Engineering. I could go on and on about how much has been spent on this restoration…instead I’ll list a few engine pieces and say this car has 2 full runs on it from new and is no toy. It is capable of mid 7 seconds passes at 190 mph.

The engine is fitted as follows:

Mopar Max Block

Ohio Billet Crank

Callies Ultra Rods with 265 bolt upgrade

Diamond MM ring pkg. pistons with tool steel pins and 14.5CR

Comp Roller, Jesel Keyed lifters, Pac Springs etc.

Indy IRA-6 CNC heads flowing near 550 cfm, Titanium valves, Indy Rockers, Fab Covers

Indy Extreme ported manifold with 1250 Gary Willams carbs

Moroso 5 stg. drysump producing 16 inces of vacuum

Front mounted distributor, Jesel Beltdrive

Location Marker
Cleveland, North Carolina
Magnifying Glass

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