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Four-Links – Route 66 Pontiac, VW fire pit, Canadian auto history, Eyes On Design

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Photo by Tony Hisgett.

Most Route 66 travelers have probably seen – even snapped photos of – the 1968 Pontiac Catalina in Glenrio, Texas. Few, however, probably know the whole story behind the Pontiac, which the Never Quite Lost blog recently researched. (via)

* We’ve seen these firepits made to resemble VW Microbuses all over social media lately, so it’s pretty cool to see Make magazine showing how to make one out of a propane tank.

* Canada’s auto industry turns 150 this year, so Jil McIntosh headed over to the Canadian Automotive Museum to see just what made Canadian cars unique.

* Mac at Mac’s Motor City Garage took in this year’s Eyes on Design car show and put together this report.

* Goodwood’s livestreaming the Festival of Speed. What, you had other plans this weekend?