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On the Beach at TROG Wildwood 2017

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Andrew Rosen’s 1932 Auburn Speedster. Images by Hemmings Staff and courtesy Richard Skeuse

It’s mid-June already and that means that the New Jersey rendition of The Race of Gentlemen has come and gone. For those of us at Hemmings, this year was a little different because the contingent that attended were there as participants rather than journalists. That said, we couldn’t help but take a smattering of snapshots to give readers a flavor of the event.

The weather was perfect with clear skies, sun, and warm temperatures. As a hedge against the Strawberry Moon, the organizers moved the race course inland somewhat to avoid the extreme tides. That made racing a bit of a challenge but it was still great fun and a wonderful show. The usual attractions of midway, pit access, Customs by the Sea, and The Night of the Troglodytes chopper party were all present and provided much entertainment.

This year was the debut of a new class of racing: drag rails. Based on The Bug, Dick Kraft’s early ‘50s creation, TROG drag rails were required to use an early frame (preferably Ford Model T or Model A) without body work and an engine fitting into the event’s pre-’54 flatheads and pre-’49 overheads requirement. In case you were wondering, it was in the drag rail class where your intrepid reporter and Managing Editor Dan Beaudry participated, along with the Barnstormers Vintage Speed Club, with a Hudson Hornet-powered creation.

Perhaps the biggest news of the event was that in the racer goodie bags was a flyer announcing “T.R.O.G. Bonneville Salt Flats Drag Racing” in September. Since then, the internet has been abuzz with speculation about that event. We should have details for you very soon about that and other upcoming events under the TROG banner straight from founder Mel Stultz himself. Stay tuned!