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Four-Links – abandoned in America’s hippest ‘hood, Spartan done, 1927’s fastest truck, Herb Scott

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It’s a sunny weekend in June, whattaya gonna do – sit inside and read? Okay, if you’ve got nothing going on in the garage, check out the roadside finds Feral Cars came across in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.

* Congrats to Cool McCool for finishing his Spartan camper. Looks good!

* Just how many times did Cannonball Baker cross the country? GM’s Heritage Center has the story of his 1927 record run in a GMC truck hauling water from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

* The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix recently pointed to this story on Facebook about racer Herb Scott, a prominent southwestern Pennsylvanian stock car driver who probably could’ve stepped up to Indy.

* Finally, speaking of racers’ stories, this upcoming documentary on Leonard Miller, “Silent Thunder,” looks like it’s worth a watch.