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Four-Links – Michael Paul Smith’s biggest, scratchbuilt two-stroke, Monza GT designer, Foyt at IMS

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Michael Paul Smith’s latest made-you-look-twice diorama may be the biggest he’s ever attempted, and he breaks down exactly what it takes to build such a diorama on his Flickr page. (h/t to Gene Herman!)

* Typically when we use the term “engine build” we more accurately mean “engine re-build.” J.Joachim Hall, however, takes the term literally, building a two-stroke engine from scratch (and without a machine shop, to boot). The recently resurrected Kneeslider has more on Hall’s build.

* Over on Dean’s Garage, designer Paul Deesen took us through the process that led to Larry Shinoda getting the assignment to design the Corvair-based Monza GT.

* To celebrate AJ Foyt’s 1977 win at Indy, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum curated an exhibit not just of Foyt’s Indy cars but of all the different types of racing cars he’s piloted. Mac’s Motor City Garage has more on the exhibit.

* An Italian Garage this week turned its camera on the 7-litre Iso Grifo with the usual gorgeous driving shots and plenty of vocals from the V-8’s exhaust. (via)