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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1971 AMC Gremlin

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From the seller’s description:

This 1971 AMC Gremlin has been treated to a multi year rotisserie restoration by a marque specialist using over 250 NOS parts. The car has been seen limited show use over the past several years and shows just over 150 miles on the NOS speedometer. The car was built using OE techniques to ensure the finished product was as close to a ‘new’ 1971 AMC Gremlin as possible. The car has collected first prize and best of show awards at nearly every show it has participated in.

The car was built the week of 10/24/70, Sold new 7/3/71 from Taylor Motors in Redding California. The car had two long-term California owners, then sold to a California collector in the ’90s, who stored it until I purchased it in April 2011. Following my purchase, it underwent two-year OE nut bolt rotisserie restoration. The original Blue Plates and Dealership frames restored and included with car. A reproduction window sticker lists all options and selling dealership.

Over 250 NOS parts used in restoration, with great care taken to use first-run, date-coded parts when possible. For example, all lenses are first run NOS with markings and reflector patterns that differ from commonly available later run lenses. Many custom made decals and stamps created solely for this vehicle. NOS items include part numbered shocks, date coded assembly line fan belts and muffler clamps, hub caps, roof rack, mirrors, grille, emergency brake cables, numerous underhood items, gauges, door handles, all lenses and housings, and many more items. A large collection of NOS parts boxes is included with car.

During the restoration the original engine and transmission fully rebuilt. All new brakes, steel lines, carpet, upholstery, weather stripping, etc used in restoration. The suspension is protected bare metal (as original cars were) with undercoating; all fasteners replated in proper zinc and phosphate finishes. Front door panels are reproductions from SMS and the steering wheel is NOS and was recolored by the Rimblow Buddy. The car is literally new from top to bottom, and despite being finished in 2013 remains in excellent show condition. No expense was spared in the restoration with the goal of creating the most correctly restored AMC Gremlin in the nation. You can read a full restoration thread on The AMC Forum by clicking here.

This is an excellent running car that is well-sorted and fun to drive or show. It tracks straight down the road at 60mph, starts and idles as it should. The only things that do now work are back up lights, horn and radio. All wiring and components are present, I just never got around to getting these items operable. The lights, signals, wipers, heater, locks, windows, brakes, choke, etc all work correctly.

The car is a hit at any show and has been invited to participate in high end shows – I just don’t have the time to take it around the shows. I have never had a car that garners this much attention when out. Expect to get noticed in this car and have a crowd around it wherever you go. The car is regularly mistaken for a time capsule original car instead of a restoration at car shows. I’m offering the car for sale now because I have other car projects I’m working on (including a new daughter), and enjoy building cars more than showing them. I only took this car to one show last year, and it makes more sense to get it to someone who can enjoy it and get it out more than I am able to.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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