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Four-Links – how close Citroen came to building the Beetle, Elvis’s cars, first Korean car, Adventure South

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While Citroen had the 2CV ready to launch in 1939, its delay until after World War II resulted from a period of German interference intended to get Citroen to build the Beetle instead, as Ronan Glon of Ran When Parked wrote this week.

* Craig Hover recently had the opportunity to visit the revamped Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, where several of the most famous of the rocknroll icon’s cars now reside.

* Before Hyundai and Kia started building cars, the brothers behind the carmaker Sibal became the first Korean auto company by rebuilding and repurposing old American jeeps, as we learned from FIVA this week.

* After last week’s Hemmings In-Depth article, we heard from Jim Benjaminson, who wrote up a similar story of a Pan-American Highway expedition involving a 1941 Plymouth.

* Most Americans have probably never encountered one unless they traveled to Europe, where the Renault 4 is seemingly everywhere. DW English has a good overview of the simple French people’s car. (via)