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Hemmings Find of the Day – 2014 Ultima GTR

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2014 Ultima GTR for sale. From the seller’s description:

The car is running well and is the fastest-accelerating street car I’ve ever encountered. Truly amazing performance, and I am not easily impressed.

The kit was received in September 2014 (VIN shows the car as a 2014, though it wasn’t completed and registered until December 2015); includes the current Evolution chassis, and was a spare-no-expense build. Drivetrain consists of an American Speed LS7 of nominally 700HP (the AS dyno sheet shows a peak HP of 712.4) and a Porsche G50/03 transaxle (rebuilt by and sourced from the Ultima factory) utilizing the taller 5th gear from a G50/52 – which should be good for ~230 MPH.

The project was built by me (a veteran of two airplane builds, a motorcycle restoration, and a number of other major projects over the years) and two friends, both of whom were serious racers. All three of us believe in craftsmanship and know how things should be done. Suffice it to say that the car was built right.

I started out documenting the build on a website (, but didn’t keep it updated through the end of the project. It should serve, however, to give some indication of the quality of the components and work involved. If any additional photos are desired, please don’t hesitate to ask; I have plenty! 🙂

I’ve got about $130K in it, am asking $120K, and am willing to discuss a reasonable offer.

The car is located in suburban Orlando.

2014 Ultima GTR 2014 Ultima GTR 2014 Ultima GTR 2014 Ultima GTR

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Clermont, Florida
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