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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1939 E.R.A. Raymond Mays

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One-off V-8-powered 1939 E.R.A. Raymond Mays sports car for sale on From the seller’s description:

The works car that competed in the 1939 RAC rally driven by “Bentley Boy” S.C.H ( Sammy ) Davis before being driven around the outer circuit at Brooklands by A.F. Rivers Fletcher at 110 m.p.h prior to WW2 ending all motorsport activities and car production in the U.K. being suspended. Raymond Mays was one of the world’s most famous racing drivers, breaking records from the Twenties in his Bugatti and the works Mercedes-Benz team car at his favourite hill climb venue “Shelsley Walsh” and driving various E.R.A’s to numerous victories all over Europe even managing to beat the German state sponsored racing cars in the Thirties and along with the world’s best racing drivers took the honours wherever they competed. He wanted to manufacture a road-going car and produced, along with one of his partners, Peter Berthon, the V-8 roadster which had wonderful reviews, but WW2 put paid to the venture. After WW2, Mays was engrossed with manufacturing B.R.M racing cars and he eventually hung up his racing goggles in 1950 to give the B.R.M projects his full attention.

Can be competed and shown anywhere with a several-year comprehensive restoration being completed. The car is road registered and ready to be used and competed if required at the most presigious events worldwide.

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