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Four-Links – Fury Road cars, North Korean Volvos, Gold and Glory, Syd Mead

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John Platt is an Australian photographer who specializes in stills for film productions and had the good fortune to work on “Mad Max: Fury Road,” so his photos of the movie’s automotive cast are pretty spectacular and capture plenty of details that tell so much more of the story.

* Apparently, North Korea reneged on its payment for 1,000 Volvo sedans more than 40 years ago following a drug-smuggling scandal that, and the Swedes haven’t forgotten, sending bills twice a year for the full amount, which – including interest – has since ballooned to nearly $400 million. SverigesRadio has a bit on it, but if you don’t speak Swedish, Newsweek also wrote about the situation a few years ago.

* At the same time that black baseball players were forced to play in the Negro Leagues instead of in Major League Baseball, black auto racers were forced to compete in the Gold and Glory Sweepstakes instead of in the Indianapolis 500. The Historic Vehicle Association has the story on that racing series.

* Syd Mead’s concept drawings for U.S. Steel are fairly well known, but as MotorCities pointed out this week, he also rendered some concept cars for Detroit’s McLouth Steel Corporation.

* Finally, following up on our story on the upcoming Jeep convoy on the Alcan Highway, John Kelly pointed us to this 1957 Chevrolet promotional video showing snippets of what the highway looked like at the time.