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Four-Links – ghosts of Fordlandia, crazy Ape, Laguna Seca history, women of Autorama

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Photo by RodrigoCruzatti.

Fordlandia, Henry Ford’s failed attempt to create an American factory town in the jungles of Brazil, still counts a handful of residents squatting in the village’s houses, as Simon Romero of the New York Times discovered when he recently traveled to the town’s ruins.

* This is the kind of crazy we all can thumbs-up: A Piaggio Ape with a custom-built chassis and an engine 12 times larger than the stock putt-putt single-cylinder.

* For its 60th anniversary, Laguna Seca took a look back at the formation and early days of the storied race track.

* The Detroit Autorama takes place this weekend, so the Detroit Free Press looked at one of the fastest-growing groups of Autorama exhibitors over the last decade: women who own and show their own cars.

* With Vauxhall in the news this week as GM considers selling it to Peugeot, it’s high time for this quick history of the British brand and overview of the cars it’s built. (via)