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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander

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Unrestored 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander for sale on From the seller’s description:

The Volvo L3314 is a four-wheel drive, forward control cross-country truck, specially built for service under arduous conditions. The L33 – series was offered with different body-variants such as hard-top, half-cab, soft-top, or special versions mounting anti-tank weapons. Our version here is the L3314HT, hard-top with mechanical winch, in fantastic mechanical and cosmetic condition. Aside from an off-colored paint job that’s starting to show it’s age, and some other very minor blemishes, this truck is in very clean, extremely dry, and in mostly all original condition.

The frame is all-welded with box-section side-members. The suspension consists of powerful semi-elliptical leaf springs, giving, together with the double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers and the rubber auxiliary springs, a smooth and steady ride. The underside of this classic 4×4 is remarkably clean and dry. The pictures really don’t do it justice. The truck needs to be seen to be appreciated. We do note some light surface rust only, as seen in the pictures.

The engine is a smooth-running four-cylinder overhead-valve engine, type B-18A. It’s 1778 cc (1.8L), with 8.5:1 compression ratio, puts out 65 hp at 4,500 rpm. As we stated earlier, the previous owner has just recently done a lot of tune-up work throughout the engine and drive train to make sure this truck was reliable and ready to go. The clutch is of the dry-plate type, and seems to have good response. The four speed gearbox is fully synchronized, and shifts smoothly, although there is a small bit of play while in neutral. The transfer case is mated to the PTO, which can be used as a stationary power unit while the transfer case is shifted to neutral. This truck came standard with a heavy duty winch, which can be utilized from either end of the truck, using a series of cables and pullies mounted beneath the truck, along with the removable bumper mounted cable guide. This winch was designed to pull this truck up (or down) the mountainside, and the PTO does engage fully. The winch drum itself spins freely but not when the PTO is engaged so it will more than likely need servicinig or simply to have fluid added to it. The bonus? How about a fully adjustable 6 foot snow plow, that’s been custom fabricated to mount onto the front bumper. This truck is rugged, reliable, and ready to for any terrain you’re willing to traverse. Have we mentioned that the underside is as dry as the desert wind? Well, it is.

As far as the interior… Wait, what interior?! The interior is very raw and basic. Wooden floor treads line the cargo area, while 2 metal-framed pilot and co-pilot seats occupy the front end. The forward-control design gives you great visibility while traveling through any road conditions, in any weather conditions. Aside from a couple of gauges mounted into the metal dash panel, there’s really nothing that would draw your attention away from the enormous windshield. The gauges consist of amps, temp, tach, and altitude, and all appear to be functioning. We see a newer replacement AutoMeter fuel gauge is mounted, telling us that the original probably quit working some time ago. There’s even an angle finder mounted up near the rear-view mirror, ensuring you won’t roll it over during treacherous treks. The best part about this old rig? If a guy or gal was ambitious enough, with a handful of bolts and pins loosened or removed, the entire top comes off the back half! The doors pop off with ease, and even the top half of the rear tailgate can be removed, giving you an “open cab” design.

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