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AACA and CCCA announce first-ever joint meeting

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1947 Chrysler Town and Country sedan. Photo courtesy Classic Car Club of America.

Sixty-five years. The Antique Automobile Club of America and the Classic Car Club of America have co-existed for long enough to reach retirement age themselves and yet the two most prominent clubs for car collectors in the United States have never held a joint meeting. At least, not until May, when the two clubs will get together for the first time.

“This was way overdue, and it makes sense,” Steve Moskowitz, the executive director of the AACA, said of the meeting. “In the end, we’re not in a competition – we’re all here to do what we can to promote the hobby.”

Moskowitz said he hatched the plan after a number of members of both clubs approached him with the idea, so he called up Jay Quail, his counterpart at the CCCA, to plan such an event.

While both clubs are non-marque specific and thus encompass broad swaths of the collector car hobby, each has its own specific focus. The AACA, founded in 1936, allows any vehicle 25 years old or older (including trucks and motorcycles) to exhibit at its shows. The CCCA, on the other hand, recognizes a specific list of “distinctive” cars built from 1915 to 1948, which it deems Full Classics. It was dissatisfaction on the part of a group of AACA members that led to the formation of the CCCA in 1952.

Moskowitz said he believes a sort of tunnel vision on the part of both clubs’ leadership that prevented them from organizing any sort of joint activity until now. “We don’t need to be parochial,” he said. “Especially now because the hobby has its own challenges.”

Though he said the AACA hasn’t seen any decline in event attendance, “we are looking at the long-range graying of the hobby, and nothing is guaranteed unless we stay attuned to what is going on.”

The AACA has already conducted joint tours with the Horseless Carriage Club of America and partnered with the Veteran Motor Car Club of America to conduct the Glidden Tour. Moskowitz said the club is also open to working with other car clubs on tours and meets.

Cooperating with other clubs such as the CCCA does not imply that the AACA seeks any sort of merger with those clubs, Moskowitz said. “It’s just an opportunity,” he said. “We’ll see some economy of scale if we already have a facility lined up.”

The joint AACA/CCCA meet is scheduled for May 11 to 13 at the Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana. For more information, visit or