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Four-Links – Owens-Corning racing, Predicta, Pacerchop, crash-test Minis

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Taking a break from excoriating just about everybody in Detroit, Peter DeLorenzo has spent some time recently telling the story of Owens-Corning’s involvement in sports car racing in the Sixties and Seventies.

* There’s only one Predicta, but there have been plenty of scale models of the famous Darryl Starbird custom built over the years. Mark Gustavson has set out not only to build his definitive model of the Predicta, but to document the car’s history in both full-size and scale-model forms.

* Mike Campbell’s been on a years-long quest to build his own version of the Carl Green pacer pickup and has documented every step of the process on his site.

* If only the Low-Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act went into effect decades earlier and in England, these photos of Mini derivatives getting crash tested that Jeroen Booij assembled wouldn’t have necessarily taken place.

* A simple documentary about a group of Bay Area vintage car enthusiasts turned into a reflection on how the simple act of driving old cars makes life worthwhile after one of the documentary subjects died while driving his 911 during production. Worth the time to watch Daniel Soares’s “What a Ride.”